Welcome to LocalEats! Whether you are travelling, wanting to discover new hidden gems in your town or sharing your experience as a local, you have come to the right place. Dining in a city teaches a lot about its culture and customs. It is, however, difficult to find restaurants that truly reflect the local life. LocalEats is a community for travellers to experience a city from a local’s perspective, and for locals to share their favourite food spots in their city.

If you are a local (living in a city for more than 6 months) and willing to share your favourite spots in your city, please visit the “Contact” page and give me your 5 best picks with the name, budget, a description of why you love this place and if you have, a good quality picture. Additionally, it would be helpful if you could say a few words about what food and restaurants you usually love most, for visitors to identify and follow the advice of locals that fit them best.